The Canuck & Yankee Show 1/2/22

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Topics For The Show:

Top Stories Of 2021 And Predictions:

    • World Overview From Global News
    • Ferry Creek Old Growth protests
    • 1st Nations Residential Schools
    • BC Wildfires
    • Madam Meng and the Michaels
    • 1st Nations Water
    • BC Flood update, BC Pipeline protest
    • Billionaire Updates
      • Elon Musk confronts Elizabeth Warren over taxes (Musk will be paying 12 billion in taxes)
      • Musk attacks other Billionaires over carbon footprint
        • Musk has sold most of his houses and lives in small modular home near Space X Texas town
      • Analyze Tax implications for the heavy hitters?
    • Huawaei Updates And The Rollout of 5G In 2022
    • Updates on Winter Olympics 2022 and 2020(2021) Olympics
      •  link
    • 2022 Global and Domestic Predictions:
      • Canuck:
        • Economy:
          Disparity will increase
          Multi forms of crypto introduction
          Near end of year crypto government issued and regulations
          Stock Market 30% slide November 18 (after US Mid Terms.) 
        • Social:
          Economic rebellion.
          Social Media Regulations and alternative platforms
          Gain and Loss of Human Rights
          More Virtual interaction
          Manipulation and use of Meta Verses
          Mild recession in developed countries. China will become more isolated (by choice) and general population will experience more control of social and political activities.
        • Political
          Voter Rights US Bill passed challenged in court and ignored in Mid Terms
          Mid Terms. Congressional January 6th report release and public hearings will lead to a bitter campaign. Dems narrow house victory. Add one more Senate seat. All Dem victories challenged in court and public opinion (leading to stock market correction.)
          Canada: Status Quo
        • Military:
          China will continue to threaten Taiwan and SE Asia but hold off till 2024 as they develop weapons and economic independence.
          Russia will sort of invade Ukraine using insurgents.
          Leader of N Korea will die and crazy sister will take over. Repression of citizens and rhetoric will increase.   
          Regional clashes will increase driven by outside influences and deteriorating economies.
          Increased spending all around.

        • Enviroment:
          Increased extreme weather, over all warming, major earthquake USA west coast, increased volcanic activity world wide.  

      • Yankee:
        • Crypto:
          • In 2022 Canada has been and will continue to be one of the better countries on the planet to buy crypto as a citizen.  This will help push the dysfunctional US Congress to enact more crypto legislation in the House.  In the US crypto legislation will focus on defining and ammending the existing laws for what defines a broker in the crypto markets.  This is going to be important as it will determine how big of a net the US government can cast for collecting taxes on crypto.
        • Hacking, Web3.0, Blockchain
          • Hacking attacks, Phishing, Data Mining of data will accelerate in 2022.  Looking further out, governments and criminal organizations are storing encrypted data and putting more research into quantum computing so that encryption can be deciphered and analyzed. We will be following how this will evolve in the coming years.
          • The need for blockchain based identity systems should break more ground in 2022 with frameworks such as the ION node based network that has support from Microsoft.
        • Military Conflict
          • CCP will not invade Taiwan in 2022 but they will show more signs of aggression towards Taiwan. They may try some type of stealth infiltration into Taiwan to gather more data for a future all out attack.  CCP has just begun to decouple it’s economy from the US and it’s internal markets are hemorrhaging.  In addition CCP will continue to data mine the US and other economies worldwide, they are ramping up their military and it remains to be seen how well that will go with most economists believing we are heading into a long term economic recession.
          • South China conflicts will continue with CCP, Japan, US, Vietnam and Philippines as the main actors. There could be a major event in this area in 2022.  CCP has installed advanced radar on the islands it has created in SCS (with rising sea levels these islands are in danger). There could be an event that makes world wide news, so far events that have occurred have been brushed under the rug so that war can be avoided.
        • Environment:
          • More extreme weather with Southern California getting a big quake. Alaska and Chile have had some of the biggest earthquakes on the planet, so expect something in these regions. Drought in US West will continue with extreme precipitation helping or hurting at times.  Big volcanic eruption possible but hard to predict.  La Palma has been slow and steady with it’s eruption and they still have not evacuated?
        • Metaverse:
          • Big explosion in companies competing for market share. I don’t think Facebook will be driving innovation with the metaverse and will likely not dominate. NFTs will evolve and metaverse games will come to the forefront in the metaverse.
    • The First Annual Canuke and Yankee Persons of the Year Awards (2021):

Current Events and Bizarro News:


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